5 Types of Content You Should Incorporate During the Off-Season

With so much action happening on-the-field during the season, moving into the off-season can feel like your main source of content is being taken away. We know that social media is an always-on medium that needs to be filled on a weekly or even daily basis. The pressure to maintain a stream of content in the off-season can be overwhelming so we wanted to share 5 content ideas that we have seen drive engagement and brand awareness during the off-season in the past!

Read on for our off-season content recommendations and winning examples from Slate customers:


1. Highlights from the Season

One of the easiest ways to win in the off-season is by sprinkling the plethora of content from the regular season throughout the time that your fans are waiting for next season to begin. A content series that highlights the 10 best plays of the previous season or one that includes incredible franchise throwbacks are sure to hook your audience and heighten anticipation before games resume.


2. Community Engagement

Content that incorporating the community that supports your team is incredibly engaging and shows the importance of off-the-field events which is not always shown during game broadcasts. Focusing some of your content on how your athletes, cheerleaders, and mascots engage with the community is a great way to show the team's impact beyond stats from the season.


3. Player Personality Spotlights

Fans develop an emotional connection to their teams. Off-season is a great time to invest in building a deeper emotional connection by producing content that drives your audience to learn more about the faces of your program, without having to tackle the harsh time constraints that your team may have during the season. Take a trend that is popular on social and think through an approach that will allow your audience to learn something about your players' beyond their performance on the field.


4. Platform-Native Engagement Tools

Most social platforms support engagement tools like quizzes and polls that are added natively before posting. We love seeing brands use these tools to drive engagement with their audience in the offseason. Creating a "Q&A" filter or "This or That" graphic allows your team to quickly create content that stops thumbs and adds an extra element of excitement for those that are scrolling through their feed or tapping through stories.


5. Special Events

Many teams choose to hold special events like Hall of Fame ceremonies or fundraisers during the offseason. With extra time to produce creative, consider making these flagpole events for your brand on social. Building out a style guide and creative assets to use for events like these is an easy win for creating polished and branded content that drives the importance of these events for your team and community.




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Create Scroll-Stopping Content

Slate’s editing experience is fast, lightweight and powerful.

Create Scroll-Stopping Content

Slate’s editing experience is fast, lightweight and powerful.

Create Scroll-Stopping Content

Slate’s editing experience is fast, lightweight and powerful.