The Underrated Art of Social Media Management: Why Everyone Thinks They’re an Expert


In today’s digital age, social media is a ubiquitous presence in our lives. From selfies to status updates, everyone and their dog seems to be on social media. But this widespread participation has led to a common misconception: that anyone who can tweet or share an Instagram post is a social media expert. As a seasoned Social Media Manager, I can assure you that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Perception Problem

Social Media Marketing is often underrated because it's so accessible. Unlike graphic design or web development, which are universally recognized as specialized skills, social media seems like something anyone can do. After all, if you can post a selfie, why wouldn’t you be able to run a brand’s social media account? This is akin to claiming you’re a Michelin-star chef because you can make a mean toast. It’s a gross oversimplification that overlooks the depth and complexity of social media strategy.

The Specialized Nature of Social Media Strategy

Just as graphic designers and web developers are rarely subjected to unsolicited advice from laypeople on UX design or color theory, Social Media Managers should be recognized for their specialized skills. Our work is far more intricate than it appears on the surface. We’re not just posting content; we’re orchestrating a delicate balance of creativity and analytics to drive brand engagement and create impactful narratives.

The Invisible Art of Social Media Strategy

Audience Psychology

Social Media Managers are the puppet masters of the digital stage. We understand the nuances of timing, audience psychology, and brand voice. Every post, caption, video, and campaign is crafted with precision to achieve specific goals. It’s a delicate dance of analytics and creativity that goes far beyond the reach of casual users.

Knowing your audience is key. We analyze demographics, behaviors, and preferences to tailor content that resonates and engages.


The timing of posts is crucial. We understand the best times to post for maximum reach and engagement, which varies across platforms and audiences.

Brand Voice

Maintaining a consistent brand voice while adapting to different platforms and trends is a skill that requires deep understanding and strategic thinking.

Strategic, Not Just Social

Contrary to popular belief, Social Media Managers are not just 'posting stuff.' We’re strategists driving brand engagement and growth. Here’s what our job really entails:

Creating Impactful Narratives

We craft stories that resonate with audiences, building a connection between the brand and its followers.

Analyzing Complex Data

Social media success is measured through data. We analyze metrics to refine strategies and improve performance continually.

Driving Brand Engagement

Every post is designed to engage the audience, encourage interaction, and foster a community around the brand.

The Fun Behind the Strategy

Yes, our job can look easy and fun. After all, we get to be creative and interact with people online. But behind every fun post is a world of strategy. And sometimes, when someone offers unsolicited advice about how to do our job, it’s best to just smile and send them a cat video. It’s strategic, trust me!


Social Media Managers play a crucial role in today’s digital marketing landscape. Our work is complex, strategic, and vital for brand success. So, the next time you hear someone trivialize the role, remind them that there’s much more to social media management than meets the eye. We’re not just posting content; we’re building brands, one strategic post at a time.

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