7 Podcasts Every Social Media Manager Should be Listening to

For social media managers, keeping ahead of the latest platform updates, marketing strategies, and current online trends is part and parcel of the role. But sometimes our eyes are just too tired from all the screen time to read through all the news articles, industry blogs, or lengthy platform update announcements that help keep us in the loop. And that’s where, my friends, social media podcasts come in handy.


Audio content has truly boomed in recent years, with almost 60 percent of all US consumers older than 12 listening to podcasts. And it’s no wonder today’s population love a podcast when you consider the convenience of the content. Through the art of storytelling, listeners can enjoy topics and learn while on the go — making it perfect for today’s busy, time-strapped population. For social media managers, there are heaps of brilliant podcasts out there, full to brim with handy tips and tricks, relatable storytelling, and actionable insights, hosted by interesting people who really know their social shizzle. Fortunately for you, we’ve done the research for you and put together some of our favorite podcasts. So grab your headphones and add these to your playlist to listen to on your next commute, on your daily hot girl/guy walk, or in the background whilst you’re working.


#1 The Social media marketing school podcast

If you’re looking for a social media marketing podcast that covers all platforms and offers heaps of actional advice, then the  Social media marketing school podcast is the one for you. Hosted by Ethan Bridge, a social media expert who has over 50k Instagram followers himself, this podcast series covers both conventional and unconventional methods of social media marketing.You’ll have no shortage of content here, with episodes being released at least twice a week lasting around 10 to 15 minutes each — perfect for those of you who prefer snackable pieces of content. If subject topics such as “4 reasons why you aren’t growing on Instagram” to “How to increase your productivity as a social media creator” pique your interest, then it’s definitely one to explore. Targeted at content creators, marketing agencies, social media managers, and business owners in general. Listen here.


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#2 Social media influencer with Jenny Peterson

In this series, host and influencer, Jenny Peterson, shares her fountain of knowledge on business building hacks, online marketing tips, and social media strategies that have contributed to her own success.While it’s predominantly aimed at influencers, this series is perfect for social media managers who work across influencer marketing, with many of the topics applicable to brand marketing as well as creators. There are uploads pretty much every week ranging from as short as 8 minutes to as long as 45. So, if you’re looking to grow your online audience and turn your followers into “raving fans” then this is one to get stuck into.Listen in here.


#3 Social media marketing with Michael Stelzner

If you work in social media, you’ve likely bookmarked a few Social Examiner blog posts in your time. And if you’re a fan of the website, then you’ll be pleased to hear that the social media news website founder, Michael Stelzner, also has a successful weekly podcast.Voted one of the “Top 10 Marketing Podcasts” for the past seven years and with millions of downloads, listeners can expect to learn all the latest social media news, strategies, tips, and actionable advice. Every week, Stelzner interviews experts from every corner of the social media planet across various industries and niches. To give you a little taster, topics include: “Youtube for business”, “turning Instagram fans into customers”, “building an Instagram content strategy that lasts”, plus so much more.Listen in here.


#4 The Gary Vee Audio Experience

A face you’ve likely come across while in your social media marketing role is social media extraordinaire, Gary Vee, or Gary Vaynerchuk. Hats off to him, the guy really knows how to dominate the online marketing world — from his daily rants on how we need to be making four TikTok’s a day for viral success (ugh, really Gaz?!) to interviews with Paris Hilton about NFTs and Blockchain.With almost four million subscribers on YouTube alone, he’s built a huge loyal following of business owners, marketers, and creators all eager to hear his latest tips and tricks. The GaryVee audio experience is perfect for the Gary Vee fans of the world who want to get all the insider tips from the acclaimed entrepreneur and marketing guru.Listen here.


#5 Social Minds Podcast

Next up is another crowd pleaser in the social media industry, the Social Minds podcast hosted by Theo Watts and Eve Young of global social media agency, Social Chain.Every week, the hosts are joined by successful leaders from all kinds of companies who discuss topics such as the impact of social media on their business along with the unique strategies in which they have achieved winning results. A recent interviewee included Marcus Dean, social media manager, and mastermind behind Innocent Drinks’ ( a UK smoothie brand) quick-witted reactive social media strategy.As well as this, listeners can tune in to weekly “Social in Six” episodes, which discuss all the latest platform news and updates and how these could impact your social media strategy.Listen here


#6 BizTok for TikTok

With TikTok being the talk of the town in recent years, we social media marketers are always on the prowl for tips on how to conquer the platform. A one-stop destination for everything TikTok marketing is the podcast, BizTok for TikTok. Every week, host Kyle Kaplanis shares exclusive conversations with some of the biggest TikTok creators, celebrities, community builders, and entrepreneurs today who have “redefined creator culture” and are “revolutionizing the new era of digital media”. Those social media marketers ready to uncover the secrets and insights of these successful individuals will definitely enjoy this one. Just last week, Kyle sat down with Hootsuite CMO, Maggie Lower, and discussed all things TikTok and marketing. Listen here

#7 Creator Club by Katie Steckly

Another social media podcast we’ve been loving here at Slate is Creator Club. This series is hosted by video creator, social media guru, and marketing agency founder, Katie Steckly, sharing epic “workshop style” episodes that delve deep into the best strategies for social media marketing and content creation.From interviews with creators who share useful tips and insights, to confidence-boosting solo episodes such as “Mental health for content creators: How to stay sane when you spend so much time on social media” — you’re sure to find something that will benefit you! Episodes from Katie are weekly and last around 20 minutes. You’ll also find a mixture of marketing and #VanLife content on her TikTok channel. What’s not to love about that?Listen here.


Some other podcasts for social media managers that are firm favorites in our library include:

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