Increase Speed to Feed with Slate

Time is different in the world of content. Social media moves FAST. Seconds are minutes, minutes are hours, and hours are days when it comes to capturing the next viral event. Stay ready, right? Because if you blink, you miss the moment.

The best content teams know this and prep like an F1 pit crew for a two-second tire change, reacting to a situation with unparalleled pace, ensuring that the final product hits their accounts immediately. Videos, photos, stats, updates, quotes, you name it. The quicker you can provide, the better the results.

That’s speed to feed for ya. Fortunately, that’s where Slate can help. Let’s dig into it. 


First things first, having a well-defined strategy for recurring content is like having a well-oiled machine for your social media presence. This structured approach is what frees you up to anticipate, react and move with the flexibility and spontaneity to crush content and capitalize on those magical moments when they appear. Here are four reasons why strategy increases speed to feed. 

  1. Efficiency: Pre-planning recurring content streamlines the process, reducing the time needed to create posts and increasing the likelihood of instant engagement.

  2. Anticipation: With a structured strategy, you can anticipate key upcoming moments, allowing you to prepare for content in advance.

  3. Real-time Engagement: Efficient practices +  anticipation means you can now be ready for real-time engagement and spontaneous posts, enabling you to capitalize on those trending topics while staying on brand.

  4. Analysis and Iteration: If you’ve done it once, do it again. Take time to analyze and iterate off of what worked before (think design, workflow, content type) so you can stay ready for what could come next.

Speed to Feed Features

With your strategy in place and team members prepped, it’s time to jump into the Slate features that will make your workflow as speedy as socially possible.


When it comes to allowing flexibility while maintaining brand consistency, look no further than templates. Quotes, scores, highlights, announcements, schedules, anything that needs day-to-day variation but stays the same overall, that’s the template sweet spot. Incorporate these into your workflow to ensure real-time content is being served.

Safe Zones on Mobile

Avoid the dread of having to repost a Story/TikTok/Reel/whatever because everything’s obscured by the native buttons and navigation. Instead, turn on the Safe Zone you need and get it correct the first time. In other words, do it once, do it right.


Gone are the days of needing to capture, email, airdrop, edit, and message between teams and technologies to post a captioned video (let alone a captioned video in your brand fonts and colors!). Instead, as soon as you have your video, caption it on web or on mobile in those zesty brand fonts/colors ASAP and get it posted. Quick and easy.


If you know what you want, why bother looking through everything else. Collections can store your creative designs, fonts, graphics and more, allowing you to sift through the forest of options way quicker. Whatever you need, go to your collection for it.

Search Terms

Want to go one step deeper than Collections? Know EXACTLY what you’re looking for? Use search terms by typing them into the search bar to pull up your creative to use immediately.

✨BONUS: Web Shortcuts✨Listen, not everybody has the time to learn the language of shortcuts but if you want to figure out how to split a video with one button (tap ‘s’), move assets by 10px at a time (Shift + Arrow), or 20+ other time-cutting shortcuts, click this article link and go wild.


Get Speedy!

Sweet. Looks like you’re ready to crank out content at record-setting speeds. With Slate, you’ll never miss a moment, keep your timing impeccable, and stay as relevant as it gets.And while you’re at it, why not get good (nay, great!) with every aspect of Slate. I’m telling you, it’s a powerful tool that makes life way easier. To master everything from sponsorships to video editing to convincing your team that this is what they should be using, check out our blog, help center and case studies


Zoom zoom!

Create with Slate

Whether you’re trying to catch the latest trends (more theme songs, please), produce high quality content, or just get more efficient creating for TikTok, Slate is your one-stop shop for slick, quick, branded content.

Create Scroll-Stopping Content

Slate’s editing experience is fast, lightweight and powerful.

Create Scroll-Stopping Content

Slate’s editing experience is fast, lightweight and powerful.

Create Scroll-Stopping Content

Slate’s editing experience is fast, lightweight and powerful.