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SportsPro – How Slate helps sports brands own social content (February 11, 2021)

SportsPro interviewed Slate co-founders Michael Horton & Eric Stark covering their startup journey, latest fundraise, and how they see social media evolving for brands:

“Something we hear from customers all the time, especially ones that are re-signing after a pilot or their first year, is how much the features we’re releasing are made with them in mind, which is something they’re not used to. They’ve been pigeonholed into using products that aren’t built for them in the past to create content for social media – products like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Premiere, or mobile apps that are made for consumers, like Instagram Stories, that have a lot of stock fonts or assets within them.

For us, all the features that we release are with the social media content creators, and really the whole content creation team within an organization, in mind.”

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