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Slate’s New Web Creation Studio is Here!

The ultimate content creation platform just got even better – you can now produce content with your brand assets on web!


Creating content is now as seamless as ever with the introduction of the Slate Web Creation Studio. Our team couldn’t be more excited for brands to use creative assets from their Slate account to create content on your browser from anywhere in the world!


How can you access it?

  1. Head to your account at
  2. In the top right corner you’ll see a button named “Create Content”
  3. The Web Creation Studio is available for all customers to use on all tiers

What features are currently supported in the Web Creation Studio?

Image Uploading

With this launch, users have the ability to include images as media when creating in the web studio. Easily drag and drop your images into the media drawer or upload them from your desktop to start creating. Multiple images can be added to your frame and moved around freely for flexibility when creating layouts.

Note: When adding multiple pieces of media and moving them around, the most recent image you select will always move to the front.


Resizing content just got easier! You can choose to create content in either 1:1, 4:5, 9:16 or 16:9, and instantly change the ratio and move your elements around to make them suit your new dimension.

Overlaying Filters

Create with any of your pre-uploaded filters within the Filters drawer. Unsure of which asset to use? Hover over any filter to preview what they will look like before making any final decisions – it’s really that easy!

Font, Colors & Highlights

Add text to your content and you’ll find that it’s quicker than ever with the text toolbar to change and preview your other font styles, color combinations and highlights.

Graphics & Stickers

Web currently supports static graphics uploaded to your brand dashboard. You can add as many stickers to your content as desired, resize them and use the “Replace” to swiftly preview other graphic options in the same placement.

What’s coming next to the web creation studio?

Web creation is the biggest announcement we’ve made this year. It’s another way that we’re giving the world’s biggest brands, and their social teams, the ability to stay nimble by providing them with the simplest content creation workflow for social media.
We’re working hard to provide all the features that are currently available on the mobile app so be expecting the web studio to have some big updates as we move into 2023!


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