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Slate Teams Up with Greenfly to Unlock Seamless Media Sharing to Create Winning Content

A Powerful Partnership 🤝

We’re constantly working towards providing you with the best tools to create, collaborate, and share your digital content. That’s why we’re excited to announce our newest partnership with Greenfly! By partnering with Greenfly, we’re bringing our customers effortless content sharing from Greenfly to Slate, enhancing their creative workflow like never before.

This partnership integrates Greenfly’s short-form digital media platform, with Slate’s social media content creation app, allowing digital teams to capture events, quickly edit and design, and share pre-approved, on-brand creative on any social platform.

Many of our customers use Greenfly to easily distribute media. The Premier Lacrosse League are avid users of both Greenfly and Slate! Sharing game-day content for their fans on social is an essential part of their strategy and this integration now means that their workflows have been instantly improved.


“Without these two platforms, we would have much more back-end work to get media assets to our players, staff, partners and talent while keeping our league’s team accounts unique. Greenfly and Slate alleviate a lot of stress and support innovation across our content team.”

Emma Adams, Sr. Social Media Manager, Premier Lacrosse League


With this partnership you can:

Streamline content management

🚀Easily access and share digital assets such as photos, videos, and graphics from Greenfly and Slate. This eliminates the need to switch between multiple tools, saving you time and effort.

Elevate collaboration

🙌Work more efficiently with your team members by sharing and collaborating on content from Greenfly to Slate with ease.

Enhance productivity

📈Centralize your content to make it faster and simpler to locate, edit, and distribute your digital assets, ultimately improving your team’s efficiency.

On game and live event days, digital teams face numerous challenges in capturing, preparing, and packaging digital media assets in real-time. The packaging of short-form videos and images with enhancements has become an entertainment source in itself, especially for younger fan generations. With the integration of Slate and Greenfly, digital teams can now prepare and enhance social media and digital assets on game day in seconds, saving time and delivering everyone the content they want immediately.


“The powerful integration between Slate and Greenfly levels-up the way sports, media, and entertainment brands create and distribute on-brand content in real-time. With Slate’s cutting-edge social media content creation features and Greenfly’s lightning-fast distribution capabilities, teams and organizations can now easily capture, brand, share their most engaging moments with fans around the world, instantly fuelling engagement and driving growth. We’re thrilled to be partnering with our friends at Greenfly!”

— Eric Stark, Co-founder & President, Slate


Short-form digital media consumption has risen significantly in recent years, presenting a multitude of opportunities for organizations to reinforce their brand and content while boosting fandom.

By adding their logo, branded background, color palette, and more to videos and images, organizations can set themselves apart from the competition and draw attention to their unique brand personality amidst the constant flow of content on social media platforms.

Enriching content in this way can also increase the likelihood of fans remaining engaged and interested in what the organization has to offer. The Slate x Greenfly integration is designed to significantly enhance your content creation and collaboration experience. Start sharing and collaborating with ease today, and watch your team’s productivity soar.


For a demo or to learn more about Slate’s integration with Greenfly visit us here to book a time with our team

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