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Slate Announces an Innovative New Integration with Slack

At Slate, we are on a mission to empower social content creators to work more efficiently and creatively, and to tell better brand stories. To that end, we are excited to announce that we have launched a first of its kind beta integration with Slack.Slate customers are now able to directly connect and access a feed of photos & videos from Slack channels of their choice. 

Social media managers: Your iPhone’s storage will thank you. No more downloading from Slack and uploading to Slate from your camera roll.

Why is this significant?

For a majority of Slate customers, especially sports teams and leagues, Slack has become much more than a messaging platform. It is a vital media sharing tool where a high volume of photos and videos get sent back during gamedays, practices, events, and more. This stream of media gets dumped into channels where content creators can sift through, and access the photos/videos they want to edit and post on social media.

We are eliminating a key step in their workflow by allowing them to browse media getting sent to their Slack channels, select and then edit their social content all in the same, streamlined mobile experience. We estimate this will save our customers on average another 30-60 seconds per post, while also freeing up their camera rolls + phone storage.

Why now?

This addition was moved to the top of our product priority list to build ahead of 2021 as COVID has presented many of our customers with new challenges around remote production. Less in person attendance by social media teams means a higher volume of content is being sent back to remote teams at home to filter through, select, edit and post in real time.

Why beta?

Because this is just the start of how robust integrations like Slack will help streamline workflows for Slate customers. The Slack integration itself will evolve to include more nuanced features for how our customers use the tool, and we will continue to add new integrations that help speed up workflows and improve content creation processes.

For more on how to connect your Slate account with Slack, check our Help Center article.

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