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Media as a sticker is Here!

You can now add multiple pieces of media into one piece of content in Slate with our newest feature ‘Media as a Sticker’.

Creating eye-catching, engaging content can sometimes be difficult when you’re restricted to how many pieces of media you can use in one piece of content. But with this new feature, the possibilities are endless with the ability to layer and add as many pieces of media as you want directly from your graphics drawer!


Here’s three ways you can use this new feature to start spicing up your content🌶️!

Freeform Layouts

There’s no limitations or restrictions when it comes to adding multiple pieces of media into your layouts. Bring your content to life and tell a story in one piece of contenting by adding and layering as many images and videos now into one piece of content. P.S create purpose built filters for freeform layouts and add them into your brand dashboard for ease of use!

Asset Duration

Slate’s asset duration feature just got even better with this new launch! Any media that you add as a sticker can have its duration edited when laid over video content. The range of content you can use asset duration + media as a sticker to create is massive, from memes to “This or That?” polls – the opportunities are endless!

Want to see slate in action?

Fill in the form to watch the 3-min demo video.


Participate in the Latest ‘Cut-out’ Trend

Jump straight into one of the hottest content trends right now using media as a sticker. With the latest iOS update users can easily select an item, object or person from an image and then save that cutout. You can then access that image directly from your graphics draw and add into the content you’re making in Slate. 

Check out what we made using our co-founder, Will Brooke’s AI images, the iOS cutout tool, and the media as a sticker tool in Slate:

Our customers are always finding new cool ways to use our latest features! Be sure to share with us how you use media as a sticker to spice up your content.


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