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GIFs in Slate are Here!

GIFs Have officially Arrived!

We’re excited to announce that starting today (Sept. 30, 2020) you can upload and use GIFs in your Slate app!

Getting Started

Using GIFs in Slate is simple. All you need to do is head to your Slate Brand Dashboard, drag and drop your GIFs or GIF stickers into your Graphics drawer, publish your changes, make sure your iOS app is up to date and open it up to start using your GIFs!

Pro Tip: Make sure your .gif files are under 10mb in order to upload them to your Slate Brand Dashboard. 

Why use GIFs in Slate?

Why use Slate when you have a GIPHY account? Here are just a few great reasons why.

  1. Not all your GIFs are meant for the public to have access to:  Slate GIFs will be accessible only by your internal team for your brand’s content, not on the internet in a public library.
  2. You shouldn’t have to wait to use your GIFs:  You can quickly and easily add and remove your GIFs from Slate at any time; no third-party approval process.
  3. Use your GIFs for content on any platform:  It’s your content, do what you want with it! Post with your GIFs to any platform not just Facebook and Instagram!
  4. Blurry GIF stickers make you sad:  You can Scale your GIFs up in Slate without losing quality. No more blurry GIF stickers!
  5. GIFs are super fun! … need we say more?










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