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Four Things We’re Seeing on TikTok

Welcome to “Four Things We’re Seeing …,” a new blog series from Slate where we’ll dive into the world of social media through the eyes of some of the best professionals in the field. Thanks to these savvy social experts, we’re shining a spotlight on the latest trends, strategies, and noteworthy moments unfolding across the internet.


Today, we’re thrilled to introduce Becca Genecov, a TikTok virtuoso hailing from the Dallas Mavericks. With her fingerprints all over Mavs social and short-form video (amongst everything else), we decided to ask Becca about four things she’s seeing on TikTok. Here’s what she had to say.


Four Things We’re Seeing on TikTok with Becca Genecov

  1. Winning TikToks.
    Teams have started posting entertaining TikToks after they win, whether that is playing off the other team’s name, a BTS clip or a catchy song every time. I am sure we have all seen and heard the Magic’s TikToks and theme song. Even Luka has started singing it.
  2. Non sport related trends.
    Sometimes sports teams feel like they cannot dip into the wider audiences where non sports trends live. I am seeing more and more of this on the daily from sports teams, trying to reach different demos and audiences. Love this example of the mob wife era trend going around from the Sixers.
  3. Player-driven holiday content.
    What I am seeing more and more is brands’ identities coming out of their player-driven content, especially on holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and birthdays. This Buffalo Bills example from New Year’s was absolutely hysterical. Their players clearly bought into this idea and they ran with it. Brilliant.
  4. Asking the “hard hitting questions.”
    One trend I love seeing from teams (that we do almost weekly and the team – even the staff – expects it now), is asking players silly questions before getting on a plane, at practice or even at the arena. My friends know how much we love doing this, so they are always sending them to me. Here is an actual sent example from one of my friends from the Atlanta Falcons.

To see what Becca’s creating on the daily, check out the Dallas Mavericks on TikTok or find her on Twitter/X, Instagram and TikTok.


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