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Things We Love consists of our favorite Slate examples & use cases from previous weeks. Check back each week for a new edition of TWL to use spark ideas for new creative and social content!

October 10, 2023

FC Cincinnati’s Storytelling Triumph in Their Supporters’ Shield Win 🎉

What a week it’s been in the world of sports! FC Cincinnati has just clinched the Supporters’ Shield, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. But what caught our eye wasn’t just the win; it was the storytelling behind it.


Here are the Things We Love ❤️ about FC Cincinnati’s content game this week:

🎨 Bold Text Graphics

FC Cincinnati knows how to make a statement. Their simple yet bold text graphics tell a story that’s as dynamic as the game itself. It’s a lesson in how less can indeed be more. For content teams looking to streamline their brand messaging, this approach is a masterclass in visual clarity and impact.

🌈 Team Colors All The Way

Blue and Orange aren’t just colors; they’re the essence of FC Cincinnati. Every piece of content radiates team spirit, thanks to their consistent use of these vibrant hues. This level of brand consistency is what Slate aims to provide for enterprises, ensuring that your team can create content that’s always on-brand and resonates with your audience.

🎥 Live & Unfiltered

From in-game action to fan-focused content and pre-game festivities, FC Cincinnati’s social media is a rollercoaster of emotions. It’s real, it’s live, and it’s utterly captivating. This level of fan interaction not only fosters a strong sense of community but also creates a loyal and passionate fan base.

🎉 Extra Love from Behind-The-Scenes

Our very own Carter Kennedy had the unique opportunity to shadow FC Cincinnati’s social media team during this monumental game and see how Slate is incorporated into their workflow. Check out this video we just posted of her experience and make sure to follow us on social media to catch more later this week!

Check out some FC Cincy content below:

October 3, 2023

U2, The MSG Sphere, Slate & a Social Media Strategy You’ll Love

This week we’re shining the spotlight on a customer that’s taken social media to the next level: The MSG Sphere. Their recent opening night featuring U2 was nothing short of spectacular, and their social media strategy was the cherry on top. 🍒

The MSG Sphere: A New Era of Entertainment 🎭

Located in Las Vegas, The MSG Sphere is not just another venue; it’s a groundbreaking entertainment hub. With a massive 580,000 square-foot LED exterior and a record-breaking 160,000-foot LED screen inside, this venue is a marvel of digital and physical media. But what caught our eye was how they leveraged Slate to elevate their brand and engage their audience.

Red-Carpet Moments and Fan Excitement 🎬

The MSG Sphere didn’t just stop at capturing the stage and artists. They rolled out the red carpet—literally—and gave us VIP glimpses of guests and fans getting geared up for the event. It was a feast for the eyes and a thrill for the FOMO!

User-Generated Content: The Real MVP 📸

What’s even more impressive is how The MSG Sphere incorporated User-Generated Content (UGC) into their strategy. Fans were encouraged to share their experiences, and guess what? The MSG Sphere used Slate to brand and repost this UGC, making every fan feel like a VIP.

Why We Love It ❤️

This is a prime example of how a well-thought-out social media strategy can turn a live event into a lucrative, ongoing experience. The MSG Sphere didn’t just host a concert; they created a massive, immersive social media event that kept the conversation going long after the last encore.

Check out some Opening Night content from The MSG Sphere below:


September 26, 2023

🎾 Serving Up Excellence – How Laver Cup Aces Social Media

The courts are polished, the rackets are strung, and the crowd is buzzing—yes, it’s the Laver Cup weekend! We’re thrilled to shine the spotlight on a customer that’s aced their social media game: the Laver Cup. This international tennis tournament is not just serving up incredible matches; they’re also delivering a grand slam on social media.

What sets the Laver Cup apart is their exceptional ability to bring the tournament’s high-stakes energy right to your screen. From player cutouts to stickers of player names, they’ve added a personal touch that makes each post a must-see.

🖌️ A Creative Rally: From Quote Templates to Real-Time Scores

Their social channels are a playground of ingenuity and flair. By using templates for quote graphics and score updates, they’ve ensured that fans are in the loop for every pivotal moment. These assets have turned individual player quotes and match scores into collective experiences, deepening the connection between the athletes and their global audience.

🤝 Serving Sponsors with Style

It’s not just about the tennis; it’s about the entire Laver Cup experience. Skillful incorporation of sponsor content into their social media assets creates a comprehensive brand narrative that extends beyond the baseline.

🎬 Auto-Captioning: The Unsung Hero

In a fast-paced tournament like the Laver Cup, every detail counts. Their use of AI-assisted auto-captioning ensures that their content is not only engaging but also accessible, making it a win-win for everyone.

Check out some Laver Cup content below:

September 19, 2023

🎵 Check out this VMAs Content Mastery from Prudential Center!

This week, we’re spotlighting Prudential Center, the stage for this year’s VMAs. The venue wasn’t just a backdrop; it was an integral part of an event that captivated audiences worldwide and set new standards for live events.

🎨 Bold Choices, Big Impact

Prudential Center knows the power of visuals. Inspired by the VMAs brand, they opted for bold colors and dynamic layouts, setting the stage for an event that was as visually striking as it was entertaining. These choices amplified the energy of the performances and the audience’s engagement.

📸 More Than Just Pictures

The VMAs are filled with moments you don’t want to miss, and Prudential Center made sure they were all captured. From Red Carpet highlights to backstage glimpses, they documented the event in a way that felt both comprehensive and intimate. This approach gave fans a 360-degree view of the VMAs.

🎥 Multi-Media Layouts

From videos to images to interactive elements, Prudential Center used Slate’s diverse toolset to create a multi-media extravaganza that kept fans engaged from start to finish. The seamless integration of different media types enriched the viewer experience.

Check out some VMAs content from Prudential Center below:


September 12, 2023

🏈 NFL Kickoff 2023: Check out the teams going BIG with Slate’s Creative Tools

The NFL regular season has kicked off, and we’re buzzing with excitement! We’re especially thrilled to see how standout teams like the Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions, San Francisco 49ers, Atlanta Falcons, LA Rams, Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Minnesota Vikings are using Slate to enhance their game-day content and engage fans like never before.

These teams are making full use of Slate’s features to create a variety of content that fans love. Imagine graphics that catch the essence of a game-winning touchdown or real-time score updates that keep everyone informed. Sponsored posts are even jazzed up with animations, giving them an extra kick. Plus, they’re creating special content focused on individual players, adding a personal touch to the game-day experience. It’s not just about the game itself; it’s about the whole narrative around it, and our customers are doing an amazing job telling that story.

Check out some NFL Kickoff content below:


September 5, 2023

🏈 Football Season is Here: How UCF, Tennessee, and Marshall Are Scoring Big on Social with Slate

The air is crisp, the fans are cheering, and yes, it’s that time of the year again—College Football Kickoff! We’re beyond thrilled to put the spotlight on three of our esteemed collegiate programs: University of Central Florida, University of Tennessee, and Marshall University. These teams are not just excelling on the field; they’re taking social media by storm too.

🏟️ Capturing the Gameday Atmosphere

What sets these universities apart is their unparalleled ability to bring the stadium’s electrifying atmosphere right to your screen. Whether it’s vibrant score templates that keep fans updated in real-time or player-specific assets that add a personal touch, no detail is overlooked.

🎨 A Complete Palette: From Score Templates to Player-Specific Assets

Their social handles are a smorgasbord of innovation and creativity. Tailoring unique score templates, they’ve made sure fans never miss out on the crucial game moments. Player-specific assets have turned individual achievements into collective celebrations, adding a layer of connection between the athletes and their audience.

🤝 Incorporation of Sponsors and Partners

It’s not just about the game; it’s also about the community around it. Our highlighted colleges skillfully incorporate sponsors and partners into their creative assets, creating a holistic brand experience that extends beyond the four corners of the football field.

📸 The Total Package

This season, University of Central Florida, University of Tennessee, and Marshall University have truly outdone themselves. Their commitment to quality, creativity, and engagement is a masterclass for anyone looking to up their social media game.

As we all gear up for a new season, it’s the perfect time to be inspired and start creating your own unforgettable content with Slate. Let’s make this season a memorable one!


PS: Don’t forget, to tag us (@slate.teams) in your Slate-made content for a chance to be featured in TWL!

Check out some College Football content below:


August 29, 2023

🃏 How PokerStars is Dealing a Winning Hand in Social Media with Slate

In this week’s edition of “Things We Love,” we’re thrilled to shine a spotlight on one of the stars of the social media content world: PokerStars. You might know them for their high-stakes tournaments and interactive fan experiences, but did you know that their social media game is just as strong? Let’s dive in.

PokerStars isn’t just dealing cards; they’re also dealing out some top-tier social media content. Using Slate, they’ve significantly upped their game across various platforms, providing an immersive experience during live event coverage and engaging their audience in unprecedented ways. Here’s how:


🎨 Animated Assets & Eye-catching Graphics

From animated filters to GIFs that enliven the feed, PokerStars has a knack for capturing attention. Their in-feed creative keeps fans hooked and adds a dynamic element that sets their content apart.


📣 Engagement-Driven CTAs

What’s the point of amazing content if it doesn’t drive action? PokerStars expertly incorporates CTAs to direct their audience to live streams, making each post not just a visual treat but also a pathway to deeper engagement.


👑 The PokerStars Brand Essence

Above all, the robust creativity and distinct style that radiates through each post make it abundantly clear—you’re in the PokerStars universe.


PS: Don’t forget, to tag us (@slate.teams) in your Slate-made content for a chance to be featured in TWL!

Check out some PokerStars content below:


August 22, 2023

🗽 Mad Apple by Cirque du Soleil: NYC Meets Las Vegas with a Slate Twist!

We couldn’t resist giving a shoutout to Mad Apple by Cirque du Soleil’s incredible social media content. This one-of-a-kind show, based in Las Vegas at the New York New York Hotel and Casino, has managed to recreate the essence of New York City, and then add a Mad Apple twist to it!

Imagine the Statue of Liberty donning sunglasses and painted with vibrant color variations, all seamlessly blended into graphics that represent the heart and soul of New York. From pool parties to live events, their content captures the pulse and excitement of the city that never sleeps, all under the glitzy Vegas sun.

These visual feasts are not just engaging but also set the stage for their live shows, creating a buzz that resonates with their audience. It’s innovative, it’s creative, and it’s very New York, but with a unique Mad Apple flair.

PS: Don’t forget, to tag us (@slate.teams) in your Slate-made content for a chance to be featured in TWL!

Check out some Mad Apple content below:


August 8, 2023

🏏 The Hundred Hits a Century with Social Content, Powered by Slate!

We’re always on the lookout for brands that are pushing the boundaries of social media content, and this week, we couldn’t help but shine the spotlight on The Hundred. For those unfamiliar, The Hundred is a revolutionary cricket tournament in the UK, bringing together eight city-based teams in a fresh and exciting format.

Here’s a deep dive into how The Hundred, with the help of Slate, elevated their social media game:

🌟 Unified Yet Unique Branding Across Accounts

The Hundred didn’t just stop at their main brand account. They extended their branding strategy to all their 8 team accounts. While each team has its distinct brand identity, the consistency in quality and style is unmistakable. It’s a testament to how Slate can be used to encapsulate different brand identities while maintaining a cohesive look and feel.

🎨 Thumb-stopping Animated Filters & Video Editing

The brilliance of The Hundred’s content isn’t just in static visuals; their use of animated filters and clever video edits are truly next level. We’re big fans of how they’ve masterfully combined animation with each team’s brand to create engaging content.

✍️ Branded Captions That Speak Volumes

The Hundred doesn’t just prioritize compelling visuals – they’ve embraced branded captions that not only resonate with the team’s voice and ethos but also make their content more accessible.

📐 Templates Galore!

With the help of Slate, The Hundred effortlessly rolls out diverse content types tailored to different dimensions & platforms. Whether they’re announcing line-ups, sharing score updates, or celebrating the Players of the Game, their content remains consistently sharp and relevant.

PS: Don’t forget, to tag us (@slate.teams) in your Slate-made content for a chance to be featured in TWL!

Check out some The Hundred content below:

August 1, 2023

💖 Atlantic Records & Barbie: A Pink-Tastic Partnership, Powered by Slate 🎶

Today, we’re heading straight to the music industry to celebrate one of our incredibly creative customers, Atlantic Records. They’ve been serving up some seriously eye-catching social media content for the recent release of “Barbie the Album”, the soundtrack for the highly anticipated Barbie Movie.

Riding on the wave of the iconic Barbie pink, Atlantic Records has skillfully utilized this vibrant hue to capture the essence of the album. They’ve mixed in key Barbie brand graphics with lots of pink, creating a stunning visual story that instantly connects with fans and draws attention to the album release.

Additionally, Atlantic Records has cleverly used these pops of pink to promote other music & events from their label. Seamlessly integrating the Barbie aesthetic into their broader brand strategy, they’ve created an unforgettable visual experience that’s buzzing across social media.

PS: Don’t forget, to tag us (@slate.teams) in your Slate-made content for a chance to be featured in TWL!

Check out some Barbie the Album content below:


July 25, 2023

⚽️ Scoring Social Media Goals with Slate: Spotlight on the Women’s World Cup! 🏆

As the electrifying matches of the 2023 Women’s World Cup have the world gripped, we’re super excited to spotlight our all-star customers – US Soccer, Lionesses, Visa, and Budweiser, who’ve been absolutely owning the social media space with Slate.

US Soccer and Lionesses have been firing on all cylinders, delivering vibrant game highlights, behind-the-scenes snippets, and riveting player features, all created and delivered using Slate. Each social media post is a crowd-pleaser, keeping the worldwide fanbase buzzing.

Meanwhile, on the sponsors’ side, Visa and Budweiser haven’t missed a beat. As major sponsors of the Women’s World Cup, they’ve skillfully leveraged Slate to integrate their branding into every piece of content, offering fans a seamless blend of exciting soccer action and brand messaging.

All our clients have maxed out on Slate’s capabilities – from branded templates & custom filters made for World Cup festivities, to seamless reposting tools. They’ve truly captured the vibrant spirit of the Women’s World Cup, offering fans a digital experience that’s as exciting as the games themselves.

PS: Don’t forget, to tag us (@slate.teams) in your Slate-made content for a chance to be featured in TWL!

Check out some 2023 Women’s World Cup content below:


July 18, 2023

📦 Unboxing Prime Day Success with Amazon Live and Slate! 🎉

It’s hard to miss the buzz around Prime Day, Amazon’s biggest sale event of the year, and it’s no secret that Amazon Live plays a big role in amplifying the excitement. This year, they used Slate to supercharge their Prime Day content, leading to an amazing digital extravaganza!

Amazon Live, the innovative live-streaming service, empowers influencers and businesses to engage with Amazon customers in real time. From showcasing products to answering queries, it’s a dynamic platform for interaction. With Prime Day drawing in a global audience, Amazon Live knew it needed top-tier content that would stand out.

That’s where Slate came in. The Amazon Live team put our tool to brilliant use, uploading branded graphics, filters, and backgrounds to their Slate dashboard in the lead-up to Prime Day. This allowed them to seamlessly create compelling, on-brand content for the two-day event.

What truly set their content apart, however, was how they managed reposts. Influencer content plays a pivotal role in Amazon Live’s strategy and this year they could effortlessly add a branded touch to every re-shared post. This meant they not only owned their narrative but also cemented their branding throughout Prime Day.

In a nutshell, Amazon Live’s content was a Prime Day game-changer, and we’re thrilled to see how they leveraged Slate to achieve their goals.

PS: Don’t forget, to tag us (@slate.teams) in your Slate-made content for a chance to be featured in TWL!

Check out some 2023 Prime Day content below:

July 11, 2023

🧵Rocking Threads with Slate: Check out these Teams Breaking the Internet 🚀

Hey there!

We’re barely a week into the launch of the new social media platform, Threads, and it’s already brimming with dazzling content from some of your favorite sports teams! Power players like the Premier Lacrosse League, Manchester City, Phoenix Mercury, Denver Nuggets, Dallas Mavericks, X Games, Baltimore Orioles, and Las Vegas Aces have hit the ground running, turning Threads into their new playground!

Threads, with its laid-back and casual vibe, is shaking up the social media game and our clients are taking full advantage. They’ve mastered the art of creating authentic, engaging, and downright fun content that’s perfect for Threads’ unique environment. We’re talking branded captions, bespoke templates, cool watermarks, and some seriously hilarious memes – all crafted seamlessly with Slate.

Hats off to all these teams for their outstanding creativity and adaptability to new platforms. Your efforts are truly reshaping the social media landscape. And for those yet to join the fun on Threads, remember, Slate is your toolkit to hit a homerun on any platform.

PS: Don’t forget, to tag us (@slate.teams) in your Slate-made content for a chance to be featured in TWL!

Check out some Threads content below:

July 3, 2023

🏒 The NHL Draft + Slate: A Power Play for Smashing Social Content 🥅

As puck drops on the 2023 NHL Draft, we’ve been astounded by the sensational social content our clients have been rolling out. Power teams like the Chicago Blackhawks, Washington Capitals, LA Kings, Carolina Hurricanes, NJ Devils, Tampa Bay Lightning, and San Jose Sharks are changing the game, making the most of their Draft Day excitement with Slate.

Draft Day is always an adrenaline-pumping event, packed with anticipation and big reveals. But our star NHL line-up has taken things to the next level this year, harnessing the power of Slate to deliver real-time, high-impact content straight from the Draft floor to the fans.

Across social, these teams have been sharing every major announcement, every heart-stopping moment, with bespoke content created in Slate. These teams have been able to create standout content that truly resonates with their fans. Whether it’s behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, reactions from the Draft floor, or next-level player introductions, the content is eye-catching, brand-consistent, and genuinely engaging.

Check out some NHL Draft content below:

June 27, 2023

🇬🇧 Team GB Takes Gold in Social Media with Slate’s Help for their Recent Rebrand

Exciting times for Team GB, the very symbol of British sporting pride and achievement! They’ve recently undergone a stunning rebrand, and we’re thrilled that they’ve turned to Slate to ensure a seamless transition on social media.

Navigating a rebrand while maintaining an engaging presence on social platforms can be a tricky balancing act. But with some smart planning, Team GB has made it look like a breeze.

Our friends at Team GB have been diligently uploading their fresh and vibrant assets into Slate, and they’re putting them to good use with content made from templates and posts reshared with background reposts. The result? A seamless integration of their new brand across all social platforms, in a way that keeps their followers engaged and feeling part of the journey.

We have to say, their new look is on point – fresh, modern, and unmistakably Team GB. But, of course, a rebrand isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about communication, connection, and keeping fans in the loop. And Team GB is absolutely smashing it. By leveraging Slate’s features, they’re sharing their rebrand story in a way that is personal, dynamic, and interactive.

Check out some Team GB content below:


June 21, 2023

🏆 Denver Nuggets Slam Dunk Social Media for NBA Championship Celebration

Wow! What a season for the Denver Nuggets, and what a celebration for their NBA Championship win! And guess what made their victory even sweeter? Their social media game was just as strong as their on-court performance, thanks to a little help from Slate.

The Denver Nuggets didn’t just dominate on the court; they owned the online world too. Their social media channels were a whirlwind of excitement throughout the celebration, providing fans with behind-the-scenes access and reliving all the best moments.

From action-packed highlights and candid player celebrations to fan reactions and city-wide festivities, the Nuggets’ social team leveraged Slate’s platform to deliver visually stunning and timely content that resonated with their passionate fanbase.

The Nuggets’ social content didn’t just tell the story of their championship journey; it did so in a way that was unmistakably “Denver Nuggets,” with bold colors, innovative layouts, and punchy typography.

The result? A fan experience that transcended the final buzzer. Nuggets fans didn’t just witness their team’s championship win; they felt a part of the celebration, thanks to the immersive, high-quality content from the Nuggets’ social team.

Check out some Nuggets content below:


June 13, 2023

🎉 Premier Lacrosse League Scores Big with Slate on Opening Weekend

We’re still buzzing from the Premier Lacrosse League’s (PLL) opening weekend! Not only did it deliver a thrilling start to the season, broadcasted on ABC/ESPN+, but it also scored big time on social media with a suite of standout content made with Slate.

Our friends at the PLL really know how to put on a show – both on the field and online. This past weekend, fans were treated to a stream of real-time, high-quality posts that captured the energy, drama, and nail-biting action of every match.But we have to give a special shoutout to the PLL for their innovative use of fonts. Their posts are prime examples of how typography can make a world of difference in visual storytelling. By consistently using eye-catching and impactful fonts, the PLL has created a unique visual identity that immediately grabs fans’ attention.

The PLL social team embraced the flexibility and speed of Slate to bring the on-field excitement straight to their fans’ feeds. Their social media lit up with action shots, player highlights, and memorable game moments, all skillfully branded with the PLL’s distinctive visuals.

So, hats off to the Premier Lacrosse League for kicking off their season in such grand style, both on the pitch and on the ‘gram.

Check out some PLL content below:

June 6, 2023

🏎️ Revving Up INDYCAR’s Social Media Game with Slate at the Indianapolis 500 🏁

The Indianapolis 500 is the world’s largest single-day sporting event. With 330,000 in attendance, the high-stakes, high-drama race is a spectacle that fans can’t get enough of, and this year, INDYCAR took that fan experience to new heights with some fantastic social media content, all created with the help of Slate.

Prepping for the Indy 500 is a year-round gig. The INDYCAR and Indianapolis Motor Speedway social and creative teams tirelessly plan and build graphics and templates, ensuring each post echoes the electric atmosphere of the race. And when it comes to saving time, Slate is the pit crew of their social media, helping the teams to streamline their process and churn out premium, branded content in real-time during key moments of the race weekend.

With Slate, INDYCAR not only revved up the number of their posts but also delivered a consistent experience to their fans. The look and feel of their brand were carried throughout their content, whether it was on-track action, off-track interviews, or celeb features.

Check out some INDYCAR content below:

June 1, 2023

Man City’s Championship Hat Trick – Coincidence or Slate Magic? ⚽️ 🏆

Let’s hear it for Man City, who just clinched their third Premier League Championship in a row, becoming only the second team to pull off such a feat. But wait, there’s more – their social media has been brimming with impressive content, all crafted with a little help from Slate.

Now, we’ve noticed a pattern – ever since they became a Slate customer, Man City hasn’t stopped winning. Is it a coincidence or some Slate magic? We’ll let you decide!

Man City has truly upped their social media game with Slate. They’ve given fans a front-row seat to all the euphoria, from behind-the-scenes glimpses to the ecstatic reactions of their fans. And who could miss that signature sky blue? It was everywhere, seamlessly woven into every post. Their unified visual identity made every follower feel part of the team’s historic victory!

Three cheers for Man City! Their amazing feats on the pitch and in the digital space have been something to behold.

Check out some Man City content below:


May 23, 2023

🏒 How the Florida Panthers & Carolina Hurricanes Score Big with Slate During the Eastern Conference Finals! 🥅

We’re buzzing with excitement to share how two of our superstar customers, the Florida Panthers and Carolina Hurricanes, are leveraging Slate to create hat tricks of standout social media content during the Eastern Conference Finals. These teams know how to play the game on the ice and on social media!

The Panthers, never ones to shy away from the spotlight, are using Slate to showcase exhilarating moments from the games on their social channels. From showcasing top-tier plays to reactions from their dedicated fanbase, their Stories are packed with dynamic visuals that make their followers feel like they are rink-side.

Meanwhile, the Hurricanes are blowing us away with their creative use of graphics and filters for player highlights. By incorporating their vibrant team colors and slick branding, they are keeping their fans updated and engaged throughout the series.

Both teams are taking fan engagement to new levels, racking up impressive impressions and interactions. Huge stick taps to both teams for their creativity and energy throughout the Eastern Conference Finals.

Check out some Eastern Conference Finals content below:


May 16, 2023

⚾ See How the Chicago White Sox Made Dog Day Unforgettable with Slate!

We’re excited to share with you an outstanding example of how the Chicago White Sox used Slate to create paw-some social media content for their Dog Day activation. The event featured several engaging initiatives involving adorable dogs, all skillfully amplified through captivating visual storytelling.

The day kicked off with Leo, a rescue Pitbull, as their #SoxSocial Correspondent. His adventures were shared on the team’s Stories, courtesy of Slate. Partnering with a local animal rescue, One Tail at a Time, they unleashed a flurry of activities – from a fan-driven puppy naming contest to players walking in with adoptable pups, and even hosting an Adoption Event at the ballpark.

Using Slate, the White Sox incorporated eye-catching backgrounds, filters, and graphics created by their design team to cover Dog Day in real-time. The result? A series of fun and engaging Instagram Stories that generated over 200,000 impressions. Major shoutout to Jacy Andrews from the White Sox social team for orchestrating such an unforgettable Dog Day! By leveraging Slate’s powerful tools, the Chicago White Sox turned their Dog Day activation into an unforgettable experience for their fans, all while raising awareness for a great cause.

Check out some White Sox Dog Day content below:


April 12, 2023

⚾ Celebrating MLB Opening Day: Our favorite social media content made with Slate!

Hope you’re doing fabulous! We just had to share the incredible social media content made by our amazing customers, including the Tigers, Red Sox, Astros, Cubs, Padres, and Twins, using Slate on MLB Opening Day. It was so freaking awesome that we just had to celebrate with you!

These social teams went all out and created some seriously cool and creative content that captured the excitement of Opening Day and showcased their team’s personality. We were blown away by the dynamic creative that teams employed for Opening Day and we can’t wait to see what else they bring throughout the season!

Check out some MLB Opening Day content below:


April 4, 2023

🏆 Championship content from UCONN’s March Madness run is a MUST-see!

We hope that you’ve been keeping up with all the madness that’s been happening in the NCAA tournaments. Speaking of madness… we want to give a shoutout to our customer, the University of Connecticut (UCONN), for their stellar social media game throughout the tournament!

UCONN used Slate to create social media content during their championship run and they absolutely killed it! From intriguing POV cams to fan-focused content, they set the bar high for post-season social content in college sports. A huge congrats to their team for taking home the ‘ship and a job well done all season long! We can’t wait to see what they’ve got up their sleeves for the future.

Check out some UCONN March Madness content below:


March 23, 2023

🏓 See How Professional Pickleball Association Aces Social Media with Slate Templates

We’ve got an exciting story to share today! The Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) has been using Slate to create some truly amazing social media content for their tournaments. This week, we’re showcasing how the PPA leverages the power of Slate to create stunning graphics across social platforms.

As the premier organization for pickleball professionals, the PPA is dedicated to growing the sport of pickleball by providing high-quality tournaments and events. During their tournaments, the PPA creates engaging content to keep their fans updated and excited. One of their secrets to success? They use templates in Slate to design eye-catching match-up graphics that showcase upcoming battles on the court. These graphics not only look professional but also maintain consistency across their social media channels.

Whether you’re a sports organization, brand, or content creator, Slate templates can help you achieve similar success. Get inspired by the PPA’s incredible social media content and elevate your own game with Slate.

Check out some PPA content below:

March 14, 2023

🏐 USA Volleyball serves aces on Twitter & IG Feed

We are thrilled to spotlight one of our amazing customers, USA Volleyball, for their in-feed IG & Twitter content at their Sunshine Classic tournament in Orlando, Florida.

The USA Volleyball social media team showcased its brand by producing in-feed posts with filters, graphics, and fonts that donned the tourney’s sunny aesthetic, inspired by Orlando. From thrilling match highlights to special events with players and coaches, their social media channels are a must-follow for any team looking to expand their in-feed content or create assets and content for a specific event.

Check out some USA Volley content below:


March 9, 2023

🏆 Slime-tastic Nickelodeon content from the Kids Choice Awards

IT’S SLIME TIME! Nickelodeon’s social media team truly outdid themselves at this year’s Kids Choice Awards, creating captivating content that engaged their audience and brought the energy of the KCAs to screens everywhere. From post-slime celebrity interviews to exclusive backstage footage, their social media channels were a must-follow for anyone interested in this year’s event.

We loved Nickelodeon’s use of creative storytelling with dynamic visuals that screamed their brand, to showcase their content. Their stories were entertaining, engaging and informative, providing viewers with a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Kids Choice Awards.

We encourage you to check out Nickelodeon’s social media channels and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. You’re sure to find some inspiration for your own social media strategy!

Check out some KCA content below:


Feb 14, 2023

😍 Visa’s #SBLVII content definitely caught our ‘interest’!

We have to give credit where credit’s due so, this week, we’re highlighting Visa‘s engagement-focused content from the Super Bowl. As a sponsor of the big game, Visa kept their story lively with memes, player Q&As, and polls throughout the weekend—and all of this content was brought together through custom creative made for the Super Bowl (our favorite was the eye-catching animations 👀)!

Visa’s content stood out from the pack because they created a digital experience for their audience that was both engaging and visually representative of their brand – what more could you ask for?

Check out some Visa Super Bowl content below:

PS: Keep scrolling for bonus Super Bowl content from the Kansas City Chiefs, NFL & NFL France 🔥


Feb 8, 2023

⚾️ Every brand should be doing UGC like Evoshield!

This week we are highlighting Evoshield for their collaboration with social media’s favorite baseball team, the Savannah Bananas.

Evoshield has always created our favorite UGC content by using intentional creative that emphasizes the content they are resharing. The custom assets for this activation with the Bananas enhance the original content being re-shared to their channels with an added flair.

And it works! They’re not just sharing great content—they’re also building their brands and making sure everyone knows about it.

Check out some Evoshield content below:


Jan 26, 2023

🎾 Australian Open isn’t missing a moment on (or off) the court!

It’s no secret that the Australian Open is one of our favorite customers. Partnering with them to create content for the tournament over the past three years has been such a pleasure for our team!

One of the things that makes the Australian Open so grand is how fan-focused the entire atmosphere is. Whether you’re watching each tennis match or not, there’s always something going on in Melbourne, and the Australian Open social team does a fantastic job of capturing all there is to offer.

If you’re looking for a masterclass in creating high-impact content that brings an event’s atmosphere to social, RUN to Australian Open’s IG highlights & catch up on what’s been posted so far this year!

Check out some Australian Open content below:


Nov 29, 2022

Budweiser owns World Cup moments throughout the globe with branded social creative

As one of the biggest sponsors of the 2022 World Cup, Budweiser has ALL eyes on them 👀  We love to use the phrase “own your brand moments”. With a cohesive, on-brand set of assets in their Slate account, the Budweiser social team has ensured that they are owning each World Cup moment they share to any of their handles.

Their main goal for World Cup content was to streamline workflows with a centralized hub of branded content for any of their 10+ teams to use, while still allowing individual markets to utilize their own localized assets. It’s only been a week and we’re impressed with just how well they’ve been executing on that goal across all their accounts.

Be sure to watch all of Budweiser’s handles throughout the World Cup for some electric content!

Check out some Budweiser World Cup content below:


Nov 15, 2022

Grand Canyon University stuns with season-opener content on social

When onboarding two weeks ago, the Grand Canyon University team said their goal was, “to have the best social media in all of college basketball.” We may be biased but we think their opening game content puts them high on the list!

The GCU social team made sure they were prepared with creative assets that suited any of their game-day content creation needs. By filling their account with moment-specific & player-specific graphics, and evergreen filters, they were able to take advantage of all of the game’s big moments and tell a cohesive story throughout.

Check out some GCU Men’s Basketball content below:


Oct 5, 2022

FC Bayern Basketball creates for all platforms with templates + asset duration

Our eyes have been glued to FC Bayern Basketball‘s social handles! Even as a relatively new Slate team, they’ve been creating a diverse content package to live across platforms by using Slate features like templates and asset duration.

On their Twitter and IG feeds you can see one of our favorite set of score card templates yet. The FCBB team didn’t forget about more unfiltered content on TikTok and Reels, which includes content highlighting player personalities using asset duration.

With the EuroLeague starting today, we can’t to see what FC Bayern Basketball continues to bring to social.

Check out some FC Bayern Basketball content below:


Sept 28, 2022

Game, Set, Match! Laver Cup owns their social content with Slate

This year, all eyes were on the Laver Cup. With one of the greatest athletes in history, Roger Federer, announcing he would be playing his last match at the event, the tournament was the talk of social media.

The Laver Cup social team was prepared to own content from start to end, ensuring their brand was prevalent on any posts that were reshared. They made use of templates for their quote graphics, added in creative to represent competing athletes and both teams, and ensured that their brand lived up to the hype of what will be considered one of the biggest sports moments of the year.

Check out some Laver Cup content below:

Sept 13, 2022

The NFL gets ‘reel’ on IG

The NFL understands the importance of branding all of your social content. The past few weeks they have prioritized using Slate to branded their added text on Reels and TikToks.

We love how the simple touch of a branded font helps to catch their audience’s eye when scrolling and establish content ownership. Being able to own your content is increasingly more important as resharing content becomes more common among individual users and brands alike.

Check out some NFL Reels content below:

August 30, 2022

VMA’s @ Prudential Center

Prudential Center was sure to show off all the star-studded happenings this weekend as they hosted the 2022 Video Music Awards on Sunday.

The social team for Prudential Center showcased just how powerful a handful of creative assets can be when covering a live event like the VMA’s. By uploading a few different filters of varying layouts and a couple of graphics, they transformed their social channels and we think they came away with the best content of the night!

Check out some of the Prudential Center’s VMA content below:

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