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Things We Love consists of our favorite Slate examples & use cases from previous weeks. Check back each week for a new edition of TWL to use spark ideas for new creative and social content!

April 12, 2023

⚾ Celebrating MLB Opening Day: Our favorite social media content made with Slate!

Hope you’re doing fabulous! We just had to share the incredible social media content made by our amazing customers, including the Tigers, Red Sox, Astros, Cubs, Padres, and Twins, using Slate on MLB Opening Day. It was so freaking awesome that we just had to celebrate with you!

These social teams went all out and created some seriously cool and creative content that captured the excitement of Opening Day and showcased their team’s personality. We were blown away by the dynamic creative that teams employed for Opening Day and we can’t wait to see what else they bring throughout the season!

Check out some MLB Opening Day content below:


April 4, 2023

🏆 Championship content from UCONN’s March Madness run is a MUST-see!

We hope that you’ve been keeping up with all the madness that’s been happening in the NCAA tournaments. Speaking of madness… we want to give a shoutout to our customer, the University of Connecticut (UCONN), for their stellar social media game throughout the tournament!

UCONN used Slate to create social media content during their championship run and they absolutely killed it! From intriguing POV cams to fan-focused content, they set the bar high for post-season social content in college sports. A huge congrats to their team for taking home the ‘ship and a job well done all season long! We can’t wait to see what they’ve got up their sleeves for the future.

Check out some UCONN March Madness content below:


March 23, 2023

🏓 See How Professional Pickleball Association Aces Social Media with Slate Templates

We’ve got an exciting story to share today! The Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) has been using Slate to create some truly amazing social media content for their tournaments. This week, we’re showcasing how the PPA leverages the power of Slate to create stunning graphics across social platforms.

As the premier organization for pickleball professionals, the PPA is dedicated to growing the sport of pickleball by providing high-quality tournaments and events. During their tournaments, the PPA creates engaging content to keep their fans updated and excited. One of their secrets to success? They use templates in Slate to design eye-catching match-up graphics that showcase upcoming battles on the court. These graphics not only look professional but also maintain consistency across their social media channels.

Whether you’re a sports organization, brand, or content creator, Slate templates can help you achieve similar success. Get inspired by the PPA’s incredible social media content and elevate your own game with Slate.

Check out some PPA content below:

March 14, 2023

🏐 USA Volleyball serves aces on Twitter & IG Feed

We are thrilled to spotlight one of our amazing customers, USA Volleyball, for their in-feed IG & Twitter content at their Sunshine Classic tournament in Orlando, Florida.

The USA Volleyball social media team showcased its brand by producing in-feed posts with filters, graphics, and fonts that donned the tourney’s sunny aesthetic, inspired by Orlando. From thrilling match highlights to special events with players and coaches, their social media channels are a must-follow for any team looking to expand their in-feed content or create assets and content for a specific event.

Check out some USA Volley content below:


March 9, 2023

🏆 Slime-tastic Nickelodeon content from the Kids Choice Awards

IT’S SLIME TIME! Nickelodeon’s social media team truly outdid themselves at this year’s Kids Choice Awards, creating captivating content that engaged their audience and brought the energy of the KCAs to screens everywhere. From post-slime celebrity interviews to exclusive backstage footage, their social media channels were a must-follow for anyone interested in this year’s event.

We loved Nickelodeon’s use of creative storytelling with dynamic visuals that screamed their brand, to showcase their content. Their stories were entertaining, engaging and informative, providing viewers with a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Kids Choice Awards.

We encourage you to check out Nickelodeon’s social media channels and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. You’re sure to find some inspiration for your own social media strategy!

Check out some KCA content below:


Feb 14, 2023

😍 Visa’s #SBLVII content definitely caught our ‘interest’!

We have to give credit where credit’s due so, this week, we’re highlighting Visa‘s engagement-focused content from the Super Bowl. As a sponsor of the big game, Visa kept their story lively with memes, player Q&As, and polls throughout the weekend—and all of this content was brought together through custom creative made for the Super Bowl (our favorite was the eye-catching animations 👀)!

Visa’s content stood out from the pack because they created a digital experience for their audience that was both engaging and visually representative of their brand – what more could you ask for?

Check out some Visa Super Bowl content below:

PS: Keep scrolling for bonus Super Bowl content from the Kansas City Chiefs, NFL & NFL France 🔥


Feb 8, 2023

⚾️ Every brand should be doing UGC like Evoshield!

This week we are highlighting Evoshield for their collaboration with social media’s favorite baseball team, the Savannah Bananas.

Evoshield has always created our favorite UGC content by using intentional creative that emphasizes the content they are resharing. The custom assets for this activation with the Bananas enhance the original content being re-shared to their channels with an added flair.

And it works! They’re not just sharing great content—they’re also building their brands and making sure everyone knows about it.

Check out some Evoshield content below:


Jan 26, 2023

🎾 Australian Open isn’t missing a moment on (or off) the court!

It’s no secret that the Australian Open is one of our favorite customers. Partnering with them to create content for the tournament over the past three years has been such a pleasure for our team!

One of the things that makes the Australian Open so grand is how fan-focused the entire atmosphere is. Whether you’re watching each tennis match or not, there’s always something going on in Melbourne, and the Australian Open social team does a fantastic job of capturing all there is to offer.

If you’re looking for a masterclass in creating high-impact content that brings an event’s atmosphere to social, RUN to Australian Open’s IG highlights & catch up on what’s been posted so far this year!

Check out some Australian Open content below:


Nov 29, 2022

Budweiser owns World Cup moments throughout the globe with branded social creative

As one of the biggest sponsors of the 2022 World Cup, Budweiser has ALL eyes on them 👀  We love to use the phrase “own your brand moments”. With a cohesive, on-brand set of assets in their Slate account, the Budweiser social team has ensured that they are owning each World Cup moment they share to any of their handles.

Their main goal for World Cup content was to streamline workflows with a centralized hub of branded content for any of their 10+ teams to use, while still allowing individual markets to utilize their own localized assets. It’s only been a week and we’re impressed with just how well they’ve been executing on that goal across all their accounts.

Be sure to watch all of Budweiser’s handles throughout the World Cup for some electric content!

Check out some Budweiser World Cup content below:


Nov 15, 2022

Grand Canyon University stuns with season-opener content on social

When onboarding two weeks ago, the Grand Canyon University team said their goal was, “to have the best social media in all of college basketball.” We may be biased but we think their opening game content puts them high on the list!

The GCU social team made sure they were prepared with creative assets that suited any of their game-day content creation needs. By filling their account with moment-specific & player-specific graphics, and evergreen filters, they were able to take advantage of all of the game’s big moments and tell a cohesive story throughout.

Check out some GCU Men’s Basketball content below:


Oct 5, 2022

FC Bayern Basketball creates for all platforms with templates + asset duration

Our eyes have been glued to FC Bayern Basketball‘s social handles! Even as a relatively new Slate team, they’ve been creating a diverse content package to live across platforms by using Slate features like templates and asset duration.

On their Twitter and IG feeds you can see one of our favorite set of score card templates yet. The FCBB team didn’t forget about more unfiltered content on TikTok and Reels, which includes content highlighting player personalities using asset duration.

With the EuroLeague starting today, we can’t to see what FC Bayern Basketball continues to bring to social.

Check out some FC Bayern Basketball content below:


Sept 28, 2022

Game, Set, Match! Laver Cup owns their social content with Slate

This year, all eyes were on the Laver Cup. With one of the greatest athletes in history, Roger Federer, announcing he would be playing his last match at the event, the tournament was the talk of social media.

The Laver Cup social team was prepared to own content from start to end, ensuring their brand was prevalent on any posts that were reshared. They made use of templates for their quote graphics, added in creative to represent competing athletes and both teams, and ensured that their brand lived up to the hype of what will be considered one of the biggest sports moments of the year.

Check out some Laver Cup content below:

Sept 13, 2022

The NFL gets ‘reel’ on IG

The NFL understands the importance of branding all of your social content. The past few weeks they have prioritized using Slate to branded their added text on Reels and TikToks.

We love how the simple touch of a branded font helps to catch their audience’s eye when scrolling and establish content ownership. Being able to own your content is increasingly more important as resharing content becomes more common among individual users and brands alike.

Check out some NFL Reels content below:

August 30, 2022

VMA’s @ Prudential Center

Prudential Center was sure to show off all the star-studded happenings this weekend as they hosted the 2022 Video Music Awards on Sunday.

The social team for Prudential Center showcased just how powerful a handful of creative assets can be when covering a live event like the VMA’s. By uploading a few different filters of varying layouts and a couple of graphics, they transformed their social channels and we think they came away with the best content of the night!

Check out some of the Prudential Center’s VMA content below:

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