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Slate’s Web Creation Studio is here!

The content creation platform that powers your favorite brand’s social media content is now available on the web.

With the introduction of the Slate Web Creation Studio, brands no longer need to manage lengthy and difficult workflows that prevent them from maximizing their output. Teams can boost their productivity, produce more content and stay ahead of the curve to keep on top of all things social.



So why are social teams excited for Slate to come to web?

Same great mobile experience, now on the browser
Creating content ‘on the fly’ in our mobile app has been a breeze for our customers and now they get even more. The web studio gives them the full content creation solution to seamlessly create, edit, design, and optimize video, image, and graphic content – and then post to any social platform – using only their  brand’s own custom, pre-approved asset all from a browser.

Creating feed posts has never been easier
The Web Creation Studio allows content to be produced in any social media optimized size. We heard from our customers that the mobile app is ideal for Stories content, but Web is really where they want to be creating their feed posts. Now, Slate users can create their feed posts from a big screen through the browser.

Video editing is coming!
The beta version will be followed up with many more features already deep into development, none more exciting than the simple yet powerful web based video editor we will be rolling out in 2023. This will make editing videos a breeze for TikTok, Reels, Stories and more. Think CapCut, on steroids, built for brands.

Mobile for real-time, Web for day-to-day.
The Slate mobile app is the perfect solution for real-time content done on the fly, especially at live events. But day to day for many social managers, they want to be creating content on their desktop. With both offerings now, Slate becomes a full service solution for event-based and everyday content creation.

More flexible and ways to collaborate:
Creative teams and social teams can work in sync with full flexibility to ensure anyone in your organization can create content high quality content that’s always on brand

Web creation is the biggest announcement we’ve made this year and it’s just another way that we’re giving the world’s biggest brands and their social teams the ability to stay nimble by providing them with the simplest content creation workflow for social media. Want to see our powerful content creation platform in action? Sign-up to watch our demo video here.

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