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Slate Announces New Integration: Infinite Athlete

Get ready to redefine your team’s video content experience. Slate is thrilled to unveil its new integration with Infinite Athlete, offering a dynamic and immersive way to capture every pivotal moment of your team’s game. Here’s what you can expect:


What is it? 🧐

With this integration, you’ll enjoy play by play video content for your team, setting the stage for an unparalleled content consumption experience.

Think of Infinite Athlete as your live content stream, initially focused on American Football (with plans to extend to Soccer soon). It acts as a rich content source, detailing pivotal in-game moments categorized as “Plays” such as Turnovers, Rushes, Touch Downs, and Conversions, among others.

What makes it special is that each Play comes packed with multi-angle video content of the same in-game moment. Accompanied by descriptive text and essential metadata, it provides a full-circle understanding of the event, ensuring your audience doesn’t miss out on any details.


  • High-Quality Content: Easily weave in top-notch in-game footage into your social media posts.
  • Multi-angle Capture: Access videos capturing every play from various perspectives, ensuring a complete view of every breathtaking moment.
  • Relive the Best Moments: Dive into the highlights from previous matches and rekindle the fervor of epic game moments.


Every Play. Every Angle. Live. 🤩

Experience a real-time content stream of NFL games. With every play presented from different angles, coupled with detailed descriptions and metadata, you’re ensured an enriching viewer experience.

Captivating In-Game Content 🚀

Infinite Athlete is not just another video content stream. With the Slate integration, you can seamlessly incorporate these videos into your designs—whether as single videos, elaborative layouts, or snippets. Use this feature to craft:

  • Multi-angle layouts spotlighting key events.
  • Highlights reels, keeping the excitement alive throughout the game.

Slate’s integration with Infinite Athlete promises to revolutionize the way fans consume sports content. Whether you’re an NFL aficionado or simply a sports content creator, this integration offers unparalleled depth, variety, and context, setting the stage for a thrilling content experience. Get ready to game on!


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