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What’s New @ Slate?

December 2022

Media as a Sticker

Media as a sticker is be a game-changer for teams wanting to create free form layouts or layer photos and videos over each other. Not only that but by combining media stickers with Slate features like asset duration will allow creators even more flexibility to create dynamic, engaging content.


November 2022

Web Creation Studio

Creating on-brand content is more seamless than ever with the launch of Slate’s Web Creation Studio. This platform gives users a content creation solution to seamlessly create, edit, design, and optimize video, image, and graphic content – and then post to any social platform – using their brand’s own custom, pre-approved assets all from a browser.


September 2022

Approval Workflows

Slate now supports additional user permissions that allows your team greater control over the content that is posted to your channels – regardless of who is behind the screen. We hope this is just another way your team can continue to speed up your content creation workflow using Slate!

Check out our help center for more info on how to add approvals to your content creation workflow.


August 2022

Media Adjustments

You can edit contrast, brightness, saturation & more, without using any other tools. Simply click “Edit” after uploading media and quickly customize your photos & videos.

We hope this is just another way your team can continue to speed up your content creation workflow using Slate!

June 2022

Export to GIF

You can now export your content as a GIF!

This feature is going to open up a multitude of opportunities and increased workflows! Creating GIFs is often much more complicated that it needs to be. Now, with the added option of exporting from the Slate app as a GIF, you can create and share branded GIFs to Twitter, IG and other handles, within seconds from your phone.

Learn more about how to export your content as a GIF.

May 2022


You can now start creating a piece of content in the Slate mobile app, save it as a draft, and return to edit it at a later time! This is great for preparing planned content ahead of time and working on content that may require multiple creation sessions.

Learn more about using Drafts in Slate.

March 2022


Your team can now take PSDs and upload them directly to Slate, turning them into easy to use templates in the Slate mobile app.

This feature increases the accessibility of your Photoshop templates among your team, streamlines your content creation workflow, and allows for more precise designs from your phone all while maintaining the integrity of your brand.

Learn more about using Templates in Slate.

Asset Limits

Asset limits indicate the number of assets that you can upload to your brand account. They are based on subscription tiers.

Users will now be notified if they try and publish more assets than allocated by their set asset limit.

Learn more about Asset Limits in Slate.

January 2022


Captioning your brand’s videos on social media is so important in today’s landscape for improving content accessibility, increasing distribution, and engaging multi-tasking audiences who want to consume quickly.

Now, it’s easier than ever.

Within a matter of seconds, Slate customers can transcribe and customize captions in their Slate mobile apps, using their own brand fonts and colors.

Learn more about using Captions in Slate.

Getty Images Integration

We’re excited to announce our new integration with Getty Images.

This integration allows creators to connect their Getty Images account to the Slate platform, search for timely and relevant photos and videos, edit, resize, add custom branding, and share to social all without ever leaving their Slate app.

Learn more about how to connect and use the Getty Images Integration in Slate.

November 2021

Safe Zones

Our Safe Zones feature allows users to preview the native overlays while producing content. As you apply and move creative elements into areas that are “off limits” the native overlays will appear as a guide to help, like a beacon in the dark! Or, you can tap and hold on the screen to bring up the full preview mode.

Learn more about Safe Zones in Slate.

Photoshelter Integration

We’re excited to announce our new integration with PhotoShelter for Brands.

This integration allows brand creators to connect their PhotoShelter Digital Asset Management account to the Slate platform, search for timely and relevant photos and videos, edit, resize, add custom branding, and share to social all without ever leaving their Slate app.

Learn more about how to connect and use the Photoshelter Integration in Slate.

August 2021

Asset Duration

You can now set durations on your fonts, graphics, and GIFs in Slate.

This feature allows you to bring brand consistency to TikTok and IG Reels, and gives you more creative flexibility when editing videos for any platform!

Learn more about Asset Duration in Slate.

March 2021

Edit videos in Slate!

Creating social media content just got easier with new video editing features in Slate.

You now have the ability to stitch together clips into a timeline, trim, crop, resize, toggle audio on/off, add your custom brand elements and then post to any social platform… all from your Slate app!

Learn more about video editing in Slate.


December 2020

Integrate with Slack channels

We’re excited to announce we have launched the beta version of our Slack integration, a key addition as we continue on our mission to empower social content creators to work more efficiently, and creatively.

Now, Slate customers can connect their Slack accounts directly and pull in a feed of photos & videos shared in their selected Slack channels.

Why beta? Because this is just the start of how robust integrations like Slack will help streamline workflows for Slate customers!

Learn more about the Slack Integration in Slate.


September 2020

GIFs are Here!

Using GIFs in Slate is simple. All you need to do is head to your Slate Brand Dashboard, drag and drop your GIFs or GIF stickers into your Graphics drawer, publish your changes, make sure your iOS app is up to date and open it up to start using your GIFs! Make sure your .gif files are under 10mb in order to upload them to your Slate Brand Dashboard.

Learn more about GIFs in Slate. 

August 2020

Backgrounds in the Slate App

Slate customers are now able to upload brand colors, custom designs, and even videos to their web portals to use as backgrounds! On mobile, videos and photos can be dropped on top of your backgrounds and easily placed anywhere for a more flexible creation experience. This feature opens up a whole new set of exciting possibilities for what you can build in Slate.

April 2020

Multi-image Layouts in your Slate App

In Slate you have the ability to group multiple images and videos into one composite photo or video by using the layouts feature. You can speed up your creation experience and quickly experiment with different layouts.

Learn more about layouts in Slate

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