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Creating Custom Layouts in Slate

In Slate you have the ability to group multiple images and videos into one composite photo or video by using the layouts feature. You can speed up your creation experience and quickly experiment with different layouts.

1. Tap the Media icon, where you normally select photos & videos in your camera roll.

2. Activate Layouts by tapping the layouts icon in the bottom right.

3. Tap to select the photos or videos you’d like to add to your layout.

4. Select the layout you’d like to use by tapping one of the generated layout options above your media.

5. Next, you can modify the layout to your liking. To do this simply pinch to zoom or shrink each piece of media or move the green borders to resize the whole section.

If you’d like to adjust the position of or crop an individual photo or video, you can do so by double tapping on that photo/video to enter ‘Edit’ mode. You can also enter by tapping the ‘Edit’ icon at the bottom of the screen. Once in edit mode, you can reposition the media within the section, automatically fit the media to a section, rotate media, turn audio on/off for specific videos, replace a photo or video, and trim videos. Once you are satisfied with your edits, simply tap anywhere to close the Edit state.

Don’t forget that filters can be applied to layouts! Simply swipe or select the filters drawer and choose the filter to make your content on brand.

Want to change your layout? Go back to ‘Media’ to change your layout style. You can also add/remove media from your layouts there as well.

Good luck and have fun!

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