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Slack Integrations: How to start pulling in your media from Slack

Now, Slate customers can connect their Slack accounts and key channels to pull photos & videos directly from Slack into Slate on mobile.


How to Use your Slack Integration


Step 1: Connect your Slack account to your Slate account. 

To get started, log in to your Slate Web Portal and you will notice there is a new ‘Integrations’ icon on your left navigation bar. Click that icon and you will see a box showing the Slack integration. This tab is where we’ll be adding lots of great integrations in the future so keep an eye on it!  Hit the ‘Connect’ button on the Slack box and allow access to the Slack account you want to connect to Slate.

Allowing access will only allow Slate to pull media from your Slack account. We will not post to your Slack account.



Step 2: Configure your Slack integration

Once your Slack account is connected you can configure it on the Slack integration popup. Here you can choose specifically which channels you want connected to your Slate account. Only the channels you select here will be pulled into your Slate mobile application. Hit ‘Save’ and your Slack integration is now configured!

You can connect both public and private channels to connect to Slate (as long as you are member of that channel in Slack) but keep in mind that everyone that is a member of your Slate account will see the media in the channels you connect in their Slate mobile app.


Step 3: Access Slack on Slate mobile

Once your Slack account has been connected, you can quickly access media shared in your channels directly in your Slate mobile app. Simply open up your Slate mobile app, tap on the ‘Media’ icon and you’ll now see ‘Slack’ as a new option up next to your camera roll albums menu. You can tap ‘Slack’ to access it or swipe over to it.

Once you hit ‘Slack’ you will see ‘All Channels’ as well as all of the channels you previously selected listed in a scrollable list. ‘All Channels’ is a combination of the media from all of the selected channels you (or someone from your team) previously configured.



Step 4: Create awesome content, quickly! 

Select the Slack media you want to create with and make some social media magic!

*Pro tip: You can also use media from Slack to create collages using the layouts icon (now located in the bottom right corner when your media drawer is open). You can select multiple media from Slack or a combination of media from Slack and your camera roll.


Good luck!

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