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How to connect and use the PhotoShelter Integration

PhotoShelter Integration

Connecting your PhotoShelter to your Slate Account

  1. Select the Integrations tab within your web portal
  2. Click “Connect” under PhotoShelter
  3. Follow the instructions through PhotoShelter to connect and authorize.
  4. Select the collections within your PhotoShelter account that you want pulled into Slate.

Note: We recommend adding a Collection with any galleries that you plan to use in Slate. As you add new galleries into connected Collections they will become visible in your Slate mobile app in real time.

Using PhotoShelter to pull in Media

  1. Open your Slate mobile app
  2. Select the “Media” button or background feature
  3. Select the “PhotoShelter” tab in the top menu bar (if you have other integrations you will need to click past those to get to PhotoShelter). You should now be seeing all photos and videos from your PhotoShelter collections now within Slate.
  4. Select desired media from your brand’s PhotoShelter galleries. Preview a piece of media by long pressing on the media. You can select one at a time, or hit the layouts icon to add multiple. You can also hit the video edit icon to select multiple videos to place into a timeline.

Note: You can search for metadata tags via the search bar at the top of the PhotoShelter page on mobile

With the PhotoShelter integration, it’s easier than ever to search your media library for content to then quickly add your custom branding and post to any social platform.

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