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How to use the Infinite Athlete Integration

Understanding the Infinite Athlete Integration:

The Infinite Athlete integration serves as a continuous content stream that delivers Play by Play highlights, primarily for American Football. Integration with Soccer is on the horizon, but for now, its primary focus remains on American Football and its integration with Slate.

How to use the Infinite Athlete Integration

Setting the integration up is easy!

  1. Users will request access to the Infinite Athlete integration from the integrations area in the brand dashboard.
  2. Once we’ve received your request, our CS team will acquire an API key from Infinite Athlete to grant you access.
  3. Once you’ve got access you’ll then be able to connect and disconnect the integration as you wish.

Note: Only admins on brand accounts can give creators access to the integration


Navigating the “Plays” Feed:

Upon activating the Infinite Athlete integration, users will encounter a feed labeled “Plays”. What are “Plays”? They represent significant events during a football game. Examples include Turnovers, Rushes, Touch Downs, Conversions, and more. Each Play in the Infinite Athlete Integration feed contains video content of the same in-game moment from multiple angles, as well as important descriptive text and metadata to provide context.


Using the Infinite Athlete Integration on iOS

The Infinite Athlete integration is currently only available on iOS. Follow the steps below to enhance your content creation process:

  1. Access Infinite Athlete Integration:
    • Open the Media drawer, and you’ll find an option to choose the Infinite Athlete integration.
  2. Select the Week and Game:
    • At the top of your screen, select the desired week and game using the available filters.
  3. Viewing Games:
    • The games are systematically arranged, with the most recent play displayed first and older plays following in sequence.
  4. Dive into the Play Details:
    • As you browse, you’ll observe details for each play, including:
      • Angle cam
      • Scoring team
      • Play description
      • Distance covered
      • Time of the play
      • Duration of the clip
  5. Explore More Clips for a Play:
    • Should you wish to view more clips associated with a specific play, click on the ‘See All’ option.
  6. Preview a Specific Play:
    • Clicking on a play will navigate you to the Preview screen. Here, you can assess the video’s suitability for your needs and decide whether to proceed with it or revert to the previous screen.
  7. Generating Layouts
    1. Select the Layout tool from bottom right of the screen. Exit the layout tool by tapping the X bottom right.
    2. You can select the clips you want either from the same play or use clips from multiple plays.
    3. However, if you tap on the play tile, you will first be directed to the Preview screen. After reviewing the video, you can then proceed to add it to your desired layout.

8. Composing Videos:

  • When the video composition option is enabled:
      • Tapping on the radio button will directly add the clip to the composition.
      • Alternatively, clicking on the play tile will first guide you to the Preview screen. After ensuring the clip’s fit, you can incorporate it into your composition.


By following this guide, creators can seamlessly integrate Infinite Athlete’s rich content into their Slate creations, ensuring dynamic and engaging outputs every time!

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