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How to use Asset Duration

Asset Duration

What is the asset duration feature?

The asset duration feature allows users to edit the duration of text, graphics, and GIFs on top on video content.

Selecting Assets for Duration

  1. Once your desired asset (text box, graphic, GIF) is on the content, long press on it
  2. Select “Set Duration”
  3. Proceed to edit duration

Editing Duration

  1. Once in duration settings, set the slider bars to the desire time for each asset
  2. While in the duration settings you can adjust any other asset contained within the content by tapping on it
  3. Select “Apply” to save changes

Note: If using asset duration with Slate’s video editing feature, you can set duration starts/ends at clip changes.

5 ideas for how to use the Slate asset duration feature on TikTok, Reels, and elsewhere!

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