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How to create, upload, and use PSD Templates

What is a Template?

A template is essentially a PSD that your team can upload to Slate and edit from the mobile app. You upload the PSD into the Slate web portal, then your team of creators can access that template and edit text layers within the Slate mobile app. They will be able to edit the text but not the placement, style, size, or color of the text layer.


Are templates included in my subscription?

Templates is included in our Unlimited and Enterprise subscriptions tiers. Contact your account manager if you have any questions about upgrading your tier.


To ensure your PSD files are compatible with Slate:

  • FONTS: Upload the fonts used in your PSD to your Slate account brand dashboard
  • ARTBOARDS: Only use ONE artboard in your PSD file
  • RATIOS: Create your file in one of the following ratios: 9:16, 4:5, 1:1, 16:9
  • EFFECTS: Do not use custom effects or excessive line height adjustments in your file’s font layers
  • SMART OBJECTS: Smart objects are not supported. Please simply rasterize the layer or if there are many layers affected ‘Merge Layers’ to rasterize them together.
  • RASTERIZING: Rasterize (before saving and uploading) any font layers that you do NOT want to be editable in Slate
  • TEXT BOXES: Make sure the file’s editable text boxes are only as big as the max width that the text you input could potentially be.
  • BLENDING MODES: Blending modes are not supported. Using a PNG layer with opacity will work instead, but we realize you can’t always recreate the same effect. We are looking into if/how we can support blending modes in future.
  • TRANSPARENCY: Make sure the spot you want your media to go is transparent. Templates will go on top of your media in Slate so the media will show through any transparent cutout.
  • LAYERS: Color coded layers are not supported currently. Please leave set layers to “[X] No Color”


Uploading & converting your PSD files to templates in Slate

  1. Ensure your PSD file is compatible with our platform (specifications above)
  2. In your brand Web Portal, select the Templates tab (under Dashboard tab) on the left hand navigation bar
  3. Drag and drop your PSD file(s) or select “+” and choose your file(s) to upload
  4. Once your files are uploaded, publish the changes to your dashboard
  5. Head to the mobile app to start creating with your new templates!


Potential errors when uploading a PSD to Slate as a template

  • “Missing Fonts” processing error: If you upload a PSD that contains fonts that are not in your brand dashboard, you will get a Processing error specific to these missing fonts. In this case, you will see a popup and have the opportunity to add the fonts to your dashboard and reprocess the template.

NOTE: If you get this error but the font(s) is uploaded, you likely have more than 1 version of a font on your device. The easiest way to fix this is to make sure the exact version of the font in the dashboard is installed on our computer (download them from the account and install if necessary) and then switch the font layer in the PSD to this new downloaded and installed font.

  • Other processing errors could happen if the PSD is not the correct ratio, contains multiple artboards, or contains unsupported effects/elements. If you receive a processing error but are unsure of what the issue is, email with a description of your problem and we will get back to you ASAP.
  • If a font layer isn’t showing up in Slate after the PSD is uploaded, the font layer in the PSD may be getting cut off and you may need to expand its size.


Using templates in the mobile app:

  1. Open your Slate mobile app
  2. In the bottom navigation bar, select the “Templates” drawer
  3. Choose the template you want to use to start creating your content
  4. Tap on any editable text boxes to change the copy
  5. Place any additional text boxes or graphics on your content and add any media behind the template, like you would with a filter
  6. Share directly on social!


Functionality the Templates feature does NOT currently support:

  • Switching of graphics (i.e. a folder of logos that you “hide” and “unhide” based on the situation or matchup)
  • Complex effects for text layers. Like specific dropshadows, outlines, custom line heights or custom tracking (letter spacing) ect.
  • Text boxes that contain multiple fonts or colors within 1 text box. We can only support 1 color and font per text box within a template
  • PSDs with multiple artboards
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