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How to create, edit and use Collections

What are Collections?

Collections are groups of assets that have like search terms and adjustable search terms. Collections support Graphics, Filters, Templates, and Backgrounds. Collections make it much easier to manage assets for campaigns, events or any other time where you want specific sets of assets to be used together.

Creating a Collection

  1. Within your Brand Portal, click on the “Add Collection” icon within one of the asset drawers
  2. Name your Collection
  3. Add any search terms that you want the assets within your collection to inherit
  4. Adjust the visibility of your collection’s assets within the creator apps
  5. Select which asset types you would like your collection to include
  6. Create your collection

Adding Previously Uploaded Assets into a Collection

  1. Select the assets you would like to add to your collection
  2. Click the three dots at the top of the asset drawer
  3. Select Move
  4. Select which collection to assign your assets to
  5. Apply your changes

Editing a Collection

  1. Select the three dots next to the collection you would like to edit
  2. Click Edit
  3. Make your edits & save your changes

Uploading a New Asset into a Collection

  1. Upload your asset
  2. Select the collection you would like to assign your asset to
  3. Save your changes

Uploading Multiple Assets into a Collection

  1. Select the collection you would like to upload to within the top bar of the appropriate asset drawer
  2. Drag & drop your assets into the drawer
  3. All assets uploaded should now reflect being in the selected collection

Editing Collection Visibility

  1. Click the eye icon next to the collection you want to edit
  2. Edit your collection’s visibility & save your changes

Viewing All Collections

  1. Select the bullet point button within an asset drawer
  2. Click on the three dots next to any collection you want to manage
  3. Select the eye icon next to any collection to adjust its visibility
  4. Apply changes
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