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How to add custom audio

Bring sound to your content branding experience through the Slate app. Easily add .mp3 or .wav audio files to your web portal for your team to access on the iOS app for custom content with audio tracks that you know you have the digital rights to.

Note: The Custom Audio feature is available to our Unlimited and Enterprise subscriptions tiers. Contact your account manager if you have any questions about upgrading your tier.


Adding Audio Files to the Web Portal 🖥️

  1. Log in to your web portal and navigate to the brand dashboard
  2. Drag and drop .wav and/or .mp3 audio files into your audio drawer in the bottom left corner of the dashboard
  3. Remember to click publish changes to push these updates to the iOS app

Editing Audio Files in the Web Portal 🖥️

  1. After publishing changes you can edit your audio file’s, name, trim and add search terms to make it easier for your team to find the audio 
    • Hover over the audio file you wish to edit
    • Click on the three dots icon and select “Edit” from the menu
  2. Once saved, you can also click and drag to reorder these files as you like
  3. You can download and delete audio files this way as well 
  4. Remember to publish any changes you make


Using Custom Audio on iOS📲

Make sure you’re on the latest version of Slate in the App Store 

  1. Add your image(s) and/or video(s) to your canvas from the media drawer
    • You can select a single image or video, or up to 4 pieces of media using the multimedia layout button in the bottom right corner of the media drawer
  2. Select the audio button in the bottom navigation 
  3. Select the audio file you want to use
    • You can preview your audio files by hitting the play button
  4. Trim as you see fit by dragging the start and end time at both ends of the audio file
  5. Once satisfied, click the done button 
  6. Layer in other creative elements like graphics or text to finalize your design and share


Global Mute on iOS📲

Make sure you’re on the latest version of Slate in the App Store 

Sometimes, you may want to mute all audio in your project without changing individual volume settings. Our new Global Mute feature allows you to do just that. Toggle the ‘Mute’ button in the top navigation panel to silence all audio tracks in your project while preserving their original volume settings. If and when you’re ready to bring the sound back, simply toggle the button again.


  • How many audio clips can I add to a piece of media? 
    • Currently a maximum of 5 audio clips is supported per design
  • When can I add audio to my design? 
    • Audio can only be added after your main media is set (pulled from the media drawer). Backgrounds, media as stickers, and template won’t enable button.
  • Can I caption my audio file in Slate? 
    • Captions are currently not generated from custom audio files
  • What happens if I add audio to an image? 
    • If you add audio to an image, Slate will generate a video with a duration equal to the longest audio clip in the design
  • Can I assign audio clips to different videos when using multimedia layouts? 
    • No, any audio clips added to a design will be applied to the full design, and not individual elements within it. 
  • Can I upload audio files straight from my mobile device? 
    • No, all audio files will need to be added to your web portal as a .wav or .mp3 file. 
  • Can I add audio files to content I’m creating in the web creation studio? 
    • No, audio files are only supported in iOS content creation right now. Web creation support coming soon!
  • Can I add audio files to content I’m creating content on Android?
    • No, audio files are only supported in iOS content creation right now. Android is coming soon!

Note: This is an early release of the feature, with enhancements to workflows coming within the next few weeks. This article will be updated periodically and have the latest information on features. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager with any questions, or feedback

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