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How to upload and use Backgrounds

Slate customers are able to upload brand colors, custom designs, and even videos to their web portals to use as backgrounds!

On mobile, videos and photos can be dropped on top of your backgrounds and easily placed anywhere for a more flexible creation experience.

How to use backgrounds:

  1. Open Slate app
  2. Select box in the upper lefthand corner
  3. Choose a color or piece of media (photo, video)
  4. Customize your background (blur, black/white)

Videos can be backgrounds

Besides supporting .JPGs, .PNGs, and hex colors, you can upload .MP4s or .MOVs as backgrounds in your web portal.

You can also use videos directly from your camera roll on mobile to create motion backgrounds on the-the-fly!

Blur or black & white your backgrounds

Backgrounds can quickly be blurred or changed to black and white, or both, on your mobile app. This makes for a great way to add contrast when using media as a background.

If you tap on “blur” or “B/W” without a background already selected, your main image or video will automatically be set as the background with the desired effect. When blurring, hold down the blur button to open a slider bar and edit the amount of blur.


Backgrounds fit every size

When you upload a 9:16 background on web, it will automatically get rendered in 4:5, 1:1, and 16:9.

You have the ability to then crop these in your web portal if you want to ensure your backgrounds are aligned perfectly in each dimension.


If you have any questions about using backgrounds, please reach out to your Slate rep or email!

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