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From the Field to the Family: The Detroit Tigers’ Creative Approach to Social Media ⚾️

The Detroit Tigers are making a splash on social media with their creative approach to showcasing the team’s players and their families. Social Media Manager, Gregory Garno, recently shared some insights on how the team is using social media to engage with fans and celebrate Women’s History Month.

The team’s Instagram account has been featuring a series of “takeovers” by the wives and significant others of Tigers players. The idea was first developed by Haley Graves, Social Media Content Designer, as part of the team’s recognition of Women’s History Month. The Tigers Social Media Team determined Instagram was the best avenue for branding and visibility, and it has been a huge success.


🚀 The Takeover

The goal of the takeover series is to highlight the women who make an impact on the players, but are often overlooked. The Tigers are fortunate to have a manager of family relations, Ashley Robinson, who has worked to build relationships with the wives and girlfriends of the players. Ashley was instrumental in reaching out to them and advocating for the team’s vision.

The takeover process involves the women sending videos to Haley, who then adds the branded elements in slate she has created, and the team provides feedback on those designs. The result is a series of videos and photos that showcase the players and their families, providing a behind-the-scenes look at their lives both on and off the field.

“Slate was great because it allowed us to easily brand everything and make sure it had a consistent look. Doing this without Slate would have been far more laborious, time-consuming and difficult to replicate. We’re grateful we had Slate to streamline the process while keeping content in our brand’s style.”

— Gregory Garno, Social Media Manager, Detroit Tigers


While the percentage of content that features behind-the-scenes footage is difficult to quantify, the Tigers strive to add plenty of photos and videos that aren’t otherwise televised. The team launched a YouTube series last year following around players at their offseason homes, among other projects, but hasn’t always been able to do that in the middle of the season.

Overall, the Detroit Tigers are setting a great example of how sports teams can use social media to engage with fans and showcase their players in new and innovative ways. By highlighting the women who make an impact on the players, they are showing that there is more to sports than what happens on the field. With the help of creative social media strategies and tools like Slate, the Tigers are sure to continue making waves on social media.


✨ The Detroit Tigers Social & Creative Team ✨


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