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A Toast to Collaboration: How Budweiser Optimized its Global Brand Presence with Slate

Budweiser, one of the world’s leading beer brands, has a significant global presence with customers and fanbases stretching across all corners of the globe. Renowned for their unforgettable marketing campaigns and partnerships, Budweiser’s branding must be as consistent as the taste of their signature brew. Yet, ensuring a consistent brand image across different cultural contexts and 10+ social media properties is no easy task. That’s where Slate came in.

Challenges 😰

With over ten international brand handles, including Spain, France, the UK, and Japan, as well as their global brand handle, Budweiser found it challenging to manage and create consistent, engaging social content. International team’s don’t have equal resources and the central global team needed a way to empower all groups to produce content easily that met their high requirements for branding and consistency.


Slate to the Rescue 🛟

Budweiser turned to Slate to transform these challenges into opportunities. With Slate’s easy to use social content creation and creative asset management features, Budweiser was able to drive a cohesive brand vision across their diverse teams during brand activations, like the World Cup, breaking down geographical, time, and resource barriers.

“Slate has helped our brand teams around the world standardize and execute turnkey beautiful assets within our brand guidelines for our largest global campaigns with ease. Overall our social outputs are elevated and premium with Slate!

— Morgan Franklin, Global Marketing Manager @ Budweiser

Slate’s unified platform of creation and brand guidelines facilitates seamless distribution and execution of social brand campaigns across the various international teams. All teams can now easily create and edit local content in real time using the framework set by the central creative department, ensuring consistency while being in-tune to cultural nuances.

Results 📊

Since adopting Slate, Budweiser’s international brand presence has never been stronger. Engagement rates across all international handles have skyrocketed, with each region experiencing a substantial boost in follower numbers and interactions.

The ability to share brand materials instantly and work collaboratively on the platform means content is more consistent, better quality, and reaches the audience faster. Meanwhile, the localized adaptations have allowed Budweiser to form deeper connections with their regional audiences.

Conclusion 🍻

Just like a well-crafted brew, Budweiser’s successful branding is a result of finely-tuned collaboration, consistency, and understanding of their diverse audience. By leveraging Slate’s powerful content creation capabilities, Budweiser has taken its international and partnership branding to new heights. Here’s to more successful campaigns and satisfied audiences worldwide.


Streamlining Content Creation with Slate

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