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5 Effective Ways to Organize Your Asset Collections in Slate

Organization is key to a smooth content creation process, and at Slate, we understand that. With our Collections feature, we’ve made it easier than ever to keep your assets organized. But how can you make the most of this tool? Here are five powerful naming conventions to elevate your organizational prowess:

1. Project-Based Naming

Aligning your collections with specific projects or campaigns keeps everything related in one place. It’s like having a dedicated folder for each project, making tracking and access a breeze. Example: “Summer2023_Campaign” or “ProductLaunch_Q4”.


2. Event/Schedule-Based Naming

By chronicling your content through dates and events, you provide a clear timeline or schedule for your content. This approach helps you access assets when needed without any hassle. Example: “Assets_July2023” or “Graphics_Week29”.

3. Content-Type Naming

Organizing by content type allows you to quickly find specific content types without sifting through unrelated files. It’s like having a dedicated shelf for each type of content. Example: “Infographics” or “Blog_Images”.

4. Client/Sponsor-Based Naming

If you’re handling multiple clients or sponsors, tailoring collections to each one helps you keep everything sorted and easily accessible. It’s personalized organization at its best. Example: “ClientA_Promotion” or “ClientB_Branding”.

5. Platform-Based Naming

Keeping it platform-specific streamlines your workflow. By aligning collections with specific social media platforms, you ensure efficient content deployment. Example: “Twitter”, “IG Story”, etc.


💬 Bonus Tip:

Consider creating an archive folder to safely store assets that are no longer active but not ready to part with yet


Enhance Your Content Creation Workflow with Collections

These five naming conventions are more than just tips; they’re strategies to transform your content creation workflow in Slate. By implementing them, you can make the most of the Collections feature, ensuring a more organized and efficient process.


Streamlining Content Creation with Slate

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